How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Home: The Secrets of a Successful Purchase

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for home: the secrets of a successful purchase

Cleanliness in the house is the key not only to comfort and convenience, but also health. Maintain cleanliness is necessary regularly, and the best assistant in this matter can be a vacuum cleaner.

Nowadays, the shops feature a huge amount of a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, which differ in type, design, power, and so on.

How not to make a mistake in all this abundance of models, and choose exactly the vacuum cleaner that will meet all your requirements? You will learn about this in our article.

Vacuum Types

According to the method of cleaning there are several types of vacuum cleaners: for dry cleaning, detergents for wet cleaning, as well as robotic vacuum cleaners.

The most common are vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. They are the simplest in their design and rather compact, so they will not interfere even in a small room. Such vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning carpets from natural materials, parquet flooring, and other surfaces when moisture is unacceptable.

The washing vacuum cleaners considerably expand the possibilities of cleaning, and can work both in the dry mode, and in the mode of dispersion and (or) absorption of moisture. Thus, these vacuum cleaners easily cope with cleaning floors and carpets, and can clean the sofa from the liquid spilled on it.

By cons of washing vacuum cleaners can be attributed to a fairly large weight, the relative high cost, as well as the complexity of the design.

Nevertheless, such a device can be a justified purchase, because this type of vacuum cleaner will allow you to realize a huge number of different tasks in your home.

The disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaners are a fairly high price, as well as the possibility of using it only in houses and apartments with a flat floor.

Vacuum Cleaner With a Bag

A classic and more familiar option – a vacuum cleaner with a bag for collecting dust. There are two variants of bags: fabric reusable and paper disposable. Vacuum cleaners with a fabric bag are more economical, such a bag is durable, it lasts a long time, but its regular cleaning of garbage is a rather unpleasant procedure. At the same time, it is important to regularly clean the dust bag, since filling it reduces the cleaning efficiency. If the fabric of the bag is clogged with fine dust, it can be carefully washed. The main advantage of paper bags – they do not need cleaning, they are simply thrown away as they are filled.

The disadvantage is the regular cost of buying new paper bags. In addition, the paper bag is afraid of moisture. If it becomes damp and tears while the vacuum cleaner is running, dust will get into the engine and then it is quite possible that the unit will fail.

Cyclonic vacuum

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners with a container for collecting dust. By analogy with a bag, dust and debris are collected in a container that is emptied as it is filled. Containers are usually made of transparent plastic – this allows you to visually control the degree of filling with garbage. Such vacuum cleaners are easy to maintain and clean, but they have one serious drawback – a high level of noise, since the air, sucking into the container, moves in a circle at high speed and creates the effect of vibration. The dimensions of the cyclone vacuum cleaners are larger than those of the classic ones with a dust bag, but the prices for this type of vacuum cleaners are similar.

Water Vacuum Cleaners

A water tank is installed in them, which acts as a filter. During cleaning, all the dust settles in the water, the air in the room is moistened. Such a vacuum cleaner does both wet and dry cleaning and combines ease of cleaning and environmental friendliness. The disadvantage of such vacuum cleaners is that they have large dimensions, aqua filters require more time to maintain the cleaning process. And, of course, the cost of such a vacuum cleaner is much higher than a counterpart with a container or bag.

Vacuum Power

One of the main indicators of the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is its power. Distinguish between power consumption and air suction power. Power consumption ranges from 1500 to 3000 watts. This indicator shows how much electricity per unit of time consumed by the device. Many people are mistaken when choosing a vacuum cleaner with maximum power consumption, confusing it with suction power.

But the quality of the vacuum cleaner does not fully depend on this type of power – on the box or case, manufacturers often indicate exactly the power consumption. This is done for marketing purposes. But a powerful vacuum cleaner in its consumption is more suitable for cleaning large or office premises. Whereas for home models the suction power is more important.

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