Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos

Announced the other day the smartphone S5 from Lenovo was not impressed with its characteristics, mainly due to the aging Snapdragon 625 chip. And what about the novelty design?

One of the Chinese publications published a selection of photographs of this device. It can be seen that the Lenovo S5 does not have the thinnest borders on the right and left of the screen, and the upper and lower by modern standards and at all seem very thick. Especially strange is the bottom one, considering that the smartphone received the on-screen buttons: why then so much space under the display?

Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos-1Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos-2Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos-3Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos-4Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos-5Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos-6Lenovo S5 Fresh Photos-7

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