Top 3 Home Juicers


Along with the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, which can be observed in recent decades, juicers have become firmly established in our lives. For the first time, the process of separating juice from the hard part of fruits and vegetables came to Urs Pfluger as early as 1948.

But the most interesting thing is that these are the companies with which he personally worked and consulted and today are recognized as industry leaders. Designer’s inventions predetermined the success and reasonable leadership of such giants as Philips, Bosch, Siemens and Moulinex.

About the best most popular models of home juicers in our review:

Redmond RJ-M906

Redmond RJ-M906

The compact and neat Redmond RJ-M906 juicer from the brand, famous for its multi-cooker, does not take up much space in the kitchen. The capacity of the unit will be enough for a family of 2-3 people.

Advantages of the model:

  • Stainless steel case looks stylish and resistant to corrosion. Therefore, the appearance of the juicer will delight for a long time.
  • Machine parts are easy to clean after use. You can wash them not only by hand, but in the dishwasher.
  • The noise isolation system reduces the “noise effect” to 75 dB. This means that during the operation of the juicer, you can easily hear, for example, a phone ring.
  • The tray is 7.5 cm in diameter, so you can load whole vegetables and fruits into the model.
  • The foam separator filters the foam that forms when pouring juice into a cup or glass.
  • The model has two speeds. One is suitable for working with hard fruits, the other – with soft.
  • The unit is simple to assemble and disassemble, management also does not require effort.

    Philips HR1855/80


Juicer Philips HR1855 / 80 was in the ranking of the best not by chance. The motto of its manufacturer is “more juice from vegetables and fruits”. The model has such advantages:

  • This is the first unit with a centrifuge equipped with pre-cleaning mode. The filter of the model is made using QuickClean technology – this means that it is smooth on both sides. The surfaces of the juicer parts are also rounded and smooth. Technique without gaps and sharp corners wash easier and faster. In addition, each nozzle model can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The container for the cake and the lid of the device is made of transparent plastic. This makes it easier to control the load on the containers.
  • Special non-slip feet securely hold the unit on the table plane during operation.
  • The juice tank holds up to 0.8 liters. This volume is enough immediately for 3-4 family members.

Braun J700 Multiquick 7

Braun J700 Multiquick 7

This is the first unit with a centrifuge equipped with pre-cleaning mode. The filter model is made by technology Fashionable small juicer Braun J700 Multiquick 7 is made of dark gray plastic with stainless steel inserts. It will not take too much space in the kitchen and decorate the space. To use such an elegant and functional model is a pleasure.

Features of the device:

  • Two modes of operation: the first squeezes the fruit more accurately, the second – faster.
  • In the lower part of the device there is a compartment for the wire. When the technique is not used, the cord is hidden there.
  • In the capacity for juice will fit up to 1.25 liters. Big family will be pleased.
  • The motor will stop if any safety requirement is not met.
  • With it you will not have to worry that the juice will stain the surface of the tabletop.
  • The Quick Spin feature will make 0.25 liters of a healthy drink in a quarter of a minute. 60 seconds will be enough to get a liter.
  • Motor power at a maximum – 1000 watts.

Professionals from all over the world recommend having a dozen “tools” in their arsenal, rather than one universal – so that everyone is really engaged in his own business.

So, the lot of juicers may be really high-quality production of juice, and the meat grinders will make high-quality minced meat and other meat products, respectively. The mixer itself is excellent in mixing, and the blender in cutting (and often loses as a mixer). And even simple, it seems, tea will taste better – if you brew it at the right temperature.

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