Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar Review


Currently, there are so many inexpensive soundbars on the market that it is difficult to make a choice of a specific model. When deciding whether you need virtual surround sound and support for Google Cast, or an external subwoofer, you’ll have to try to find the best model among the many similar ones.

Yamaha YAS-207 Powered Sound Bar for Dialogue Clarity


In terms of the Yamaha feature set, the YAS-207 can not be considered a universal system for use in any home theater. But for those who have a limited budget for the purchase of a soundbar, a small room, and does not need particularly powerful bass, the Yamaha YAS-207 will be a successful acquisition due to its balanced sound and several audio effects.

But even in this affordable price category, this model has many competitors. With a price of about $ 300, the rival Yamaha YAS-207 can be Sony HT-MT300 and LG SH7B, which, in addition to other interesting features, there is support for Google Play and AirPlay.

But if you do not need any additional features besides the most necessary ones, Yamaha YAS-207 will be an excellent choice. And that’s why.
Soundbar Yamaha YAS-207.


Yamaha YAS-207 does not strive to shake the soundbar market with its appearance: it is a simple black panel with a rectangular subwoofer. If you close the logo, you will not even be able to determine who made the soundbar … which may not be a good thing if you need an unobtrusive audio system.

On the front panel of Yamaha YAS-207 there are buttons for power-up, input switching and volume control. The green LED indicates the selected input, as well as the set signal level. It gives the Yamaha YAS-207 a slightly old-fashioned appearance, as if borrowed from the technology of the 90s of last century. If you need a more fashionable looking device, you can pay attention to Sonos Playbar or Sonos Playbase.

Yamaha YAS-207 is equipped with HDMI-output with support for ARC, HDMI-input, optical and analog 3.5-mm inputs. There is also a USB connector for updating the software. The subwoofer in the soundbar is just as frustratingly ordinary and is a simple black box with a fabric protective mesh for the speaker. On the front panel of the subwoofer there are buttons for turning on and pairing with the soundbar, and this procedure has already been performed at the factory.

Yamaha YAS-207 is equipped with a nice remote control with large, easy-to-use buttons. With the help of the remote, you can select the inputs, switch the surround or stereo modes, and include an improvement in the quality of the dialog or bass transmission. With the remote control, you can also change the bass level and volume separately, which is a very useful feature.

Sound Quality

The sound of Yamaha YAS-207 is excellent, with transparent tops and deep bass. Dialogues were transmitted loudly and clearly when watching movies and TV shows, and their sound could be further improved by using the Clear Voice function from the remote control. However, when listening to the factory settings, it seemed to us that the bass was louder than the top and midrange, and we additionally adjusted the sound balance.

Yamaha pen added support for DTS Virtual: X and DTS Virtual Surround in its soundtrack YAS-207. For those who do not know, DTS Virtual: X is a proprietary audio processor that makes the sound of the soundbar more like a real Surround system. It is only necessary to take into account that Yamaha YAS-207 needs to update the firmware for using DTS Virual: X, and this should be done immediately, since the basic virtual sound of the soundbar is practically unacceptable.

Although we liked the stereo sound of the Yamaha YAS-207, DTS Virtual: X and DTS Virtual Surround left us puzzled. Although the sound scene got better and the dialogues sounded clearer, the processor added artificiality to the sound by strengthening the tops and basses, which distorted the timbre of the sound of musical instruments.

The bass characteristics of the subwoofer are excellent, but the lowest frequencies sometimes become uncontrollable. Subwoofers of a higher class have a more focused bass, but the subwoofer in the Yamaha YAS-207 slightly tightens the bass notes, which makes the sound not as controlled as we like.

Yamaha YAS-207 is equipped with Bluetooth, but this is the only possibility of wireless transmission of sound stream to the soundbar. Other models, for example, LG SH7B, allow the signal to be transmitted through a home Wi-Fi network, which is very useful.


With its cost, Yamaha YAS-207 is an excellent choice for those users who would like to significantly improve the sound quality of their TV without large financial investments. The soundbar has a balanced sound, is easy to install and has a DTS Virtual Surround processor, which many may like.

However, if you have a limited space for the placement of the soundbar, you can also consider an excellent sounding, but more compact and equipped with a compact Sony subwoofer HT-MT300. And for those who are interested in creating a multiroom system, LG SH7B can be the best choice. Although the sound is not better, it will suit many users and has the function of streaming over the Wi-Fi network. And for a little more, you can buy Sonos Playbase, which can be combined with other Sonos devices.


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